Friday, May 18, 2012

Myths Busted

10 Common Misconceptions

1) Just because Americans have the steering wheel on the left side of the car does not mean we are all left-handed. I am, in fact, right handed. (4th grade)

2) Africa is not a country, but rather a continent. (Adult)

3) When I go to Skopje, I am sorry to report, I do not hang out with the U.S. Ambassador, nor do I have slumber parties at his house. (Adult)

4) Jesus Christ's name in English is Jesus Christ, not Jason Christ. (6th grade)

5) America is not a perfect place with no problems. (Adult)

6) While yes they are doing soem work, students cheating from the internet actually isn't a good thing. Just because they copy it, does not mean they understand it- although I wish it worked that way! (Adult)

7) I know western medicine often focuses on medications, however, usually, these are more effective than sugar and rakija. I am sorry to report that sugar will not cure your cancer. (Adult)

8) Despite growing up half way around the world, I am not that different than you. I may speak "funny", dress different, or do "weird" things, but I don't have a third arm, fly, or melt when I get wet. (7th grade)

9) As much as I wish this was true, chocolate does not build muscles. (Adult)

10) Yes I speak English. No, I am not an expert on British English or the Scottish holiday Burns Night. (Adult)

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