Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another delay...

It's been a while since I updated because I haven't really had any Peace Corps related news. I got some today, but I kind of wish I didn't get it. I will most likely have to wait another 3 months before I am medically cleared. I went to the doctor today and was told that the one month trial I just did with a new medication isn't enough- he wants to try another three months. Good- just what I wanted to hear, another 3 months of waiting. That means, instead of leaving early October 2010, I now predict the earliest I will get medical clearance is the beginning of February, which means probably not leaving until the spring. At that point, I might just say screw it and wait until the fall and try to get invited to my original placement of Pacific Islands in October. Anyone who has had to jump through hoops to get medical clearance from the Peace Corps knows just how frustrating this is, especially when I have always been healthy. I will try giving OMS a call in the morning to see if they can do anything for me, but my hopes are not high right now.

However frustrating, there is nothing I can do about all of this so I have to just roll with the punches and boy- life really seems to be punching me a lot lately. Everything happens for a reason, right?

I have been spending my time doing some job hunting and a lot of Halloween Fun Running. I am back volunteering for the Recreation Department and have been putting quite a bit of time into the upcoming 5k Halloween Fun Run and Walk. It should be a great event again this year!