Photo Albums

I decided to post photos on Facebook because there isn't a limit like Picasa or Tumblr. Below are links to the Facebook albums. I am also posting links to videos created by a few of my fellow PCTs.

Morgan Paige's Macedonian Videos
- Morgan is one of my fellow PST trainees. She makes some of the most amazing videos. Check them out. She is continuously adding more.

Andres's Macedonian Video
- Andres created his own Macedonian Video.

Julie's Macedonian Video
- And following suit, Julie created her own video from PST Orientation in Kumanovo.

Macedonia Week 1- Kumanovo
- Highlights of the first week include: Meeting all of my fellow PCTs, Getting to explore Kumanovo, Celebrating Macedonia's win over Lithuania, and Meeting our host families.

Macedonia Week 2- Lozovo
- Here are pictures from the second week. Highlights of week 2 include: Touring Lozovo's winery, Having no electricity for quite some time, Dancing the Oro at the motel, and taking a hike to the neighbouring village of Милино with Julie and her host brother Jovan.

Macedonia Week 3- Stip and Lozovo
- Highlights include: Having Jori come visit and make me feel more comfortable about PST, Going to Штип for Pastrmajlijafest, Having a 45 minute conversation in Macedonian with my host mother with Shannon, Hiking to another neighbouring village with Julie, Shannon, and Jovan, Meeting with a group of PC officials to discuss permanent site placements, and Going back to Kumanovo for our first Hub Day with all the MAK-16 and getting to hear about how everyone is doing.

Macedonia Week 4 and 5- Lozovo and Kumanovo
- Highlights: Watching the gorgeous sunset at the old train station, Having multiple legitimate conversations in Macedonian, The weather becoming very cold and realizing that even though I am from Minnesota, the winter here will be quite different, The birth of Kenzie the Apple and his epic journey, Another Hub Day in Kumanovo, and Painting a huge mural on the walls of Julie's host parent's garage.

Site Visits- Makedonska Kamenica
- Pictures of my future home in Makedonska Kamenica.

Macedonia Weeks 6/7/8/9/10- Lozovo, Kumanovo, Skopje, Veles, Kochani, Darfulija
- Highlights: First trip to Skopje, Halloween 2011, Trip to Kochani with my family, Site Announcements, More painting in Julie's garage, Learning a ton of new Macedonian words, A spontaneous walk to Darfulija, and so much more!

Last Days in Lozovo- Skopje and Lozovo
- The final days of my PST in Lozovo

Swearing In Ceremony
- The official Thanksgiving Day Swearing In ceremony were the 36 of us trainees became official Peace Corps Volunteers