Friday, May 11, 2012

Fancy Feet

The other night I watched old people move like I have never seen them move. I went with one of my neighbours to watch her Oro dancing group practice. Oro is the traditional dance here in Macedonia.
The Wikipedia page says, "The Republic of Macedonia uses the Cyrillic spelling of "oro" (Cyrillic: Opo). The origins of Macedonian oro vary from its use in socializing and celebrating, to historical dancing before going into battle. Teshkoto, translated "The difficult one", is one of those, danced by men only, and the music of which reflects the sorrow and mood of war. The oro is danced in a circle, with men and women holding one another by hand. They are used to celebrate occasions such as weddings, christenings, name-days, national and religious holidays, graduations, birthdays."
People here dance the Oro at every major event. At weddings and graduations, they will dance the Oro for hours and hours (like 8 hours) on end. To the untrained eye, they all look pretty similar, however, I have been told there are over 100 different Oro dances. People are always shocked when I tell them that we don't dance the Oro in America because that is really the only popular dancing that is done here.

We got to the theater a little early so I could see some of the kids practicing first. I have had quite a few of them in my classes and the moment I walked in, the girls were all commenting to each other on how I had come to watch.  I felt like I should apologize to their teacher as the girls weren't really paying attention to him anymore!

Then I got to see the amazing fast feet of the babas and dedos (grandmas and grandpas). Granted many of them were just a few years older than my parents and they have been doing this since they were born practically, I was never the less impressed by their skills. For the adults, they had live music, which was really fun to listen to. I wish I could post more videos, but it has taken days just to get these couple up!

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