Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday

This post really will mean nothing to most of you, however, it is an important post none-the-less. Today is one of my friend's birthdays. I made it my mission, to wish him a Happy Birthday as many different ways as possible.

The ways in which I have wished Jason a Happy Birthday
  1. Text- Jason received a Good Morning/Happy Birthday/Merry Tajmiste text this morning
  2. Facebook- Following a text, his Facebook wall was graced with the traditional, "Happy Birthday" greeting.
  3. Skype- Skype was the next method of communication (the message is still pending as Jason has not been online, but I think it counts)
  4. Google +- A not as well known form of social networking, but Google is taking over the world, so why not!
  5. Twitter- This one took a little bit of work as I never use my Twitter and was not following Jason. However, after some research, I remedied that situation.
  6. Email- Why I hadn't done this method earlier in the day, I don't know!
  7. Phone Call- I saved the phone call until I knew the boys would be out celebrating and that they were. While wishing him a Happy Birthday I was serenaded with "Tiny Dancer".
  8. Card- While I have am not going to see Jason today, I made him a birthday card today (this counts too).
  9. Dropbox- Jason and I have been sharing random fun facts with each other, so Jason received a Dropbox document with fun birthday facts.
  10. Blogger- Finally, check out below....
(Peace Corps Volunteers are very good at coming up with activities to entertain themselves on slow days!)

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