Saturday, September 21, 2013

GLOW Reunion at the Skopje Zoo

This is how close we could get to the animals.
Julie was demonstrating how zebras eat as she was feeding the zebra.

Lori and I were shocked that we could touch the zebra.
Julie also somehow managed to get her hands on some baby chicks to feed the owl.
Julie was the queen of feeding the animals, however, we were happy to see that she chose grass and leaves rather than chips and cookies like some kids.
In case you didn't know, sunscreen can be used to turn yourself into an animal.
This goat was standing on a ledge and we wondered if people have ever been tempted to push it off. Note: despite wondering, we did NOT try.
Julie used her magic leaves to summon the giraffe to come play with us.
This was the closest I have ever been to such animals.
When we said cheese, the giraffe listened!
The hippos were very lazy.
We watched the bears for a good 30 minutes as they kept playing together. The whole time we had little 4-year-old narrating the whole thing for us in Macedonian.
Anna was excited the bear decided to stand just when the picture was taken.
Love these girls!

This train may have been meant for children, but we decided it was our job to drive it too.
Some of the group outside the zoo.
After the zoo, we headed to the center to grab a drink and catch up.
All in all, it was a great day and a great way to catch up with all our friends from camp. The campers and HCN (host country national) staff at GLOW really are AMAZING!

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