Sunday, September 1, 2013

Traveling Summer Part 4: Ljubljana, Slovenia

The white, blue, and red stripes are the pan-Slavic colours. The three stars on the coat of arms symbolize Slovenian independence. The three peaked mountain is the Triglav Mountain (the tallest mountain in Slovenia). The two wavy blue lines at the bottom of the mountain represent the country's rivers flowing into the sea
 Slovenia was a country I knew very little about before our arrival, but it is now a country I want to explore more of and highly recommend people go visit. First of all, it is gorgeous. We only spent time in Ljubljana, but I have been told by many, that the rest of Slovenia is much prettier. Ljubljana is a mini Vienna. The architecture, pace of life, and culture is very Austrian (the fact that it was once ruled by the Austro-Hungarian empire might have something to due with that!).

When we arrived in Ljubljana, we met up with Phil's friend Mike who had just flown in from America. We had a bit of trouble meeting up, but thanks to the fantastic tourist board in Ljubljana, we had free internet, so we were able to figure out that Mike was already at the apartment waiting.

Our time in Ljubljana was spent wandering, going on a 3 hour free walking tour (LOVE free walking tours), and catching up with Mike. We had hoped to go explore the Postojna Caves, however decided the 40 euro it was going to cost us wasn't worth it.
Triple Bridge- originally only one bridge crossing the river at this point, but when the city grew, they added a bridge to either side of original one.
Walking down the street in Ljubljana.
On the triple bridge looking at the Franciscan Church and Presheren Square.

Presheren Square

Walking on Triple Bridge.
Ljubljana's crest shows a dragon, and it is replicated on their manhole covers. I think Pine City should look into this.
Such a pristine city.
The main town square in Ljubljana.
Robba fountain in the town square.
View down the street from in front of the government building.
Inside St. Nicholas Cathedral.
On the outskirts of the main city market, there was a flower market.
Butcher's Bridge, also known as Lover's Bridge. People come from all over to place a lock on the bridge. They then throw the key into the river to show that their love wont end.
Dragon Bridge
There is a tradition of the students who are graduating come throw their shoes here.
Ljubljana University
Another view of the immaculate streets- not a cigarette butt in sight!
Looking down at Ljubljana from the castle.
The clock tower.
One last look at this beautiful little city.


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