Monday, October 29, 2012

Best Present a PCV Could Ask For

So there are millions of things right now I need to blog about, especially since it has been awhile, and I was all set to write a post today. I had picked out my topic and started thinking about what I was going to write while I was getting ready for school this morning. However, this is Macedonia, and things change last minute all the time.

When I got to school today, my head was busy spinning with a list of things I needed to accomplish today, but I was stopped in my tracks by a package at my spot in the teacher's lounge. I had received a package from America. I saw that it came from St. Peter and got very excited. While I love packages and letters from anywhere, getting one from the St. Peter Rec is extra exciting because you never know what will be included, but it is always awesome.

I couldn't contain my enthusiasm and ripped into the package right away.

I feel so lucky to still be a part of the Rec Staff even when I live 5000+ miles away!
They made it Anders. You beat the Rec Staff and they didn't eat my treats.
I haven't tried them yet Cado, but if you like them, I am sure I will too! In the process of writing, I got hungry. They are delicious Cado! Good choice.
Seemed only fitting to show off my new MN stapler next to my MN Twins pennant that was passed down by a MN PCV who is leaving shortly.

It took me a little bit to figure out what it spelled (in my first attempt I spelled the words: women, is, and Sara, but there were letters left over. Then I realized there was a sheet of paper included telling me what it spelled.)
I have new door decorations courtesy of Create-A-Camp (or that's my guess!)
I am sure to stay healthy now.
Kids' writing is the best ever. Thanks Cado. I miss you and wish you could come hang out in Macedonia with me!
 I discovered all of this while I was at school. Totally great care package. However, there was also a flashdrive in it and I didn't fully discover the greatness this package contained until I got home and opened up the flashdrive. On it, was a letter from a friend, some audio books and a new CD, and the most amazing folder ever: "Friends at Home and Abroad".

I received photo messages from about 30 of my best friends and family back home. You couldn't ask for a better gift. To any PCV parents/friends out there looking for an idea to send your PCV, this tops the list as best things ever.

I would love to include all the photo messages on here, but there is at least one that contains a secret. But I will include a few examples so you understand just how awesome these were to receive.
St. Peter Rec Staff- Part A
John and Lindsey in Florida
Siu On in Australia
Anders: Creator of this
Lindz: No longer an Austin resident

Part of the Pizza Pub Family
This is just the start of my thank you to you all.
- Anders: Thank you so much for putting this together for me. It really is the best gift I could have been given. I am hoping to avoid having to eat too many organs this year.
- Dad: Well, you have come and gone and hopefully the pivo was cool enough for you!
- PC Pizza Crew: You guys are the best family a girl could ask for. I promise that while I may not stay in Pine for long when I return, I will come enjoy a Friday night with you all.
- Carly and CJ: Glad to see you are filling your desire for children with cats until Car has finished school! If you don't make it to visit me here, we will see each other when I return.
- Chris and Erin: While returning home through Seattle isn't exactly convenient and practical, perhaps Chris can make me a special airplane so I can do that!
- Heidi: Hooray! I need details (well not too many details) soon.
- Jake and Sarah: Thank you so much! I hope married life is going well and am kinda looking forward to when there are little Jacobs running around.
- Jane: My summer wasn't the same without the Rec either. My goal is by next summer to have my own Rec Dept up and running here. I think you need to talk to Todd about having the City pay to fly you, Lance, and Heidi in to help get it started.
- John and Lindsey: I think you two just wanted to show off your gorgeous sunsets down there in Florida!
- Mom: You just reminded me that I really should dust my new place. more thing for the to-do list!
- Lance: The hello looks about right! With all your facial hair you would fit in as a PCV. Say hello to your kiddos for me. Also, is it your fault Snake is dead?
- Lindz: I hopefully will have better internet soon and then we will chat for hours as we have a lot to catch up on.
- Riley and Laura: Thanks for the well wishes. Congrats Laura on the new Esq. title!
- Siu On: I am so glad you are out exploring the world too. If you end up in Eastern Europe in the next year, let me know! Also, I highly recommend Istanbul to put on your travel list.
- Rec Girls: I hope you held a funeral for Snakezilla. What did y'all do with the body? Throw him in the garbage? Flush him? While I wish you had a better summer, I am glad you all survived. I miss you all greatly and hope your school years are going well. Unfortunately, while I have vacation days, I don't think I will be back for the wedding. Flights are a little expensive. But I will definitely look at pictures on Facebook!

This made one little saying that the Gusties will know come to mind (it may be used for cheers-ing while drinking, but I think it still fits).
Friends may come and friends may go
Friends may peter out we know
We've been friends through thick and thin
peter out...
or peter in

Ви благодарам многу. Јас имам најдобрите пријатели.

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