Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Very Macedonian Easter

While America celebrated Easter on April 8th, for Eastern Orthodox areas, such as Macedonia, Easter or Велигден, was this past weekend. And Easter here is a multiple day event.

The highlights:
-       Got to check out some of Kamenica's most beautiful Easter eggs
-       Walked around the church with a candle at midnight
-       Woke up Easter morning to the sound of a pig being slaughtered outside my window (for those who have heard pig's being slaughtered before, you know this is not a pleasant way to wake up)
-       Painted my own Easter eggs
-       Lost my battle in the traditional Easter egg cracking contest
-       Spent 8 hours on a na gosti with some students of mine in a neighbouring village

While I could give more descriptions, the pictures captured the event much better.

The church in Kamenica
Inside the church

The Easter Egg Contest: The Opstina put on an Easter egg decorating contest for the first time this year. Below are the entries. Lots of beautiful eggs.
Hiking with my neighbour girl Marija
And neighbour girl Sara
At the church at midnight with neighbour kids
Breaking eggs...who will win!
My candle
Some of my students walking around the church
The clergy walking around the church singing
A couple more students of mine with their candles
Two of my Easter eggs this year- American and Macedonian

At the village of Todoroci

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