Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14: A Photo Summary

The filters for my water distiller: Left is old, Right is new. Clearly it was time for a change.

Dogs wander randomly here- most are not pets. This one decided to wander into the river to hang out.

No snow! There is still some up on the mountains, but very little on the ground.

Trying to ripen my pineapple in a very chilly house. I was hoping placing it near the fire would help. It hasn't.

I only have wet wood left that was just cut, so in order to have a chance of a fire, I need to heat it up on my stove.

I na gosti-ed the neighbours and was sent home with a bag full of apples.

They were apples that would be thrown away in the US (wrinkly and full of bruises and worm holes) but here, they are pretty much all you can find right now.

I also came home with a pretty sweet tattoo from one of my neighbour girls.

And painted fingernails from another neighbour girl (completely her choice in colour and design).

My lunch and dinner: An American style sandwich. Chicken with lettuce and homemade honey mustard on seed and grain bread (the healthiest bread I have found here!). It was VERY good!

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