Friday, September 21, 2012

A Visit From Home

So I feel like I should write about the last two weeks with my parents and Sloans being here, but because of their love of Facebook updates, I feel like almost everyone who reads my blog, knows what we/they did. But for those of you not as addicted to Facebook as my mother, here is a quick photo summary of their trip with a run-on sentence series of captions.

My parents got to meet my host family from PST in Lozovo,
Saw some odd English translations at the grocery store,
Had an amazing meal and cultural experience with my new host family,
Hung out with Phil and visited the old Roman settlement of Bargala in Shtip,
Drove on some horrible roads to Albania,
Spent a couple days in Sarande, Albania,
Swam in the Ionian Sea,
Drove on some more horrible Albanian roads,
Did the Lake Ohrid thing,
Visited Popuva Kula Winery in Demir Kapija,
And had time for a couple family photos in Skopje.
 Ајде чао семејство! Ќе се гледаме во Ноември 2013.

*All of this was accomplished with the help of a few kriglas of Skopsko.

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