Friday, August 31, 2012

Approaching 1 Year in Macedonia

As it nears the mark of one year since my arrival in Macedonia, I started thinking about 1) how much has gone on this year and 2) how quickly this whole Peace Corps experience goes. What better way to show this than by the rough numbers. 

I submitted my initial Peace Corps application 884 days ago.
447 days ago I found out I would be coming to Macedonia.

357 days ago I met the best friend a girl could ask for. "Peace Corps??" "Peace Corps!"
357 days ago I also met the amazing group of people I would spend my service with.
I arrived in Macedonia 355 days ago.
353 days ago, the Mak-16s celebrated Macedonia's win over Lithuania in the Eurobasket tournament.
351 days ago I learned which other Americans I would spend the next 2 1/2 months with (minus Amy).
I said a temporary goodbye to some of the wonderful girls I became friends with 350 days ago.
350 days ago I met my first Macedonian family and moved to the wonderful village of Lozovo.
I went to Skopje for the first time 328 days ago.
I helped paint a gorgeous mural on a garage in Lozovo 300 days ago.
I became an official US Peace Corps Volunteer 281 days ago.
I moved to Kamenica 280 days ago.
263 days ago I learned how to build a fire in a wood burning stove.
251 days ago I celebrated my first Christmas away from home with a delicious chicken dinner.
I went to the craziest New Years celebration ever 230 days ago.
146 days ago I helped organize the English language National Spelling Bee.
I started dating a wonderful guy 114 days ago.
I got to meet up with my elementary school best friend and RPCV in Sofia 111 days ago and of course we caught up on our Pine City Pioneer reading!
I started Sara's Summer Disappearance with two English camps (YMLP and GLOW) 67 days ago.
I went to one of the most amazing countries ever, Turkey, 46 days ago.
I have 3 days until the new school year starts.
My parents and Sloans come to visit in 7 days.
I move into my new host family's house in 11 days.
I have 451 days left of my Peace Corps service. 

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  1. Absolutely incredible! You must be maintaining the king of all Google calenders...