Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vevchani 2012

Twas the weekend of Old New Year and all through the country, PCVs headed to Vevchani to see all the fun-try. 

Some wore masks, the others noses, we took many pictures with hundreds of poses. 
Anna and Lync
Amy, Lync, Misi, Jorgi, Claire, and Andres
Thousands were there to see such a sight, the US Ambassador even came in for the night.

The parade began with quite a big bang, there would be plenty of time to see the whole gang.
Cody and Stephen
Cameras came out and snapped a few shots, we managed to capture quite a lot. 
Austin was brave enough to let Slave up onto his shoulders.
The costumes were wild and some a little crude, one might even say some were a bit lewd. 
Cody made a new friend

We saw cacti and walruses, Hitler and Honest Abe, there were men dressed as women and one special babe.

Dead animals were flung along with some poop, despite the chaos the PCVs stayed a group.

Obama appeared and let out a yell, to Phebe he called, “my wife Michelle”! 

Thomas Jefferson strolled around and apples waddled by, there were warriors and fake blood and I can’t forget the eye. 

The parade may have ended, but the night was still young, there was oro to dance and songs to be sung.

Julie was lost, but only for a bit, she had wandered off to find somewhere to sit.

We danced and we laughed, we had Chris's game to play, the night ended with cupcakes and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
Claire, Andres, Shannon, and Anna
Cupcakes for Claire's Birthday
Kapa and Klep
We awoke in the morning to much snow and ice, another day  in Vevchani sure would be nice. 
While wandering the village a snowball fight was had, against the local children the PCVs beat them bad.

Our fingers and toes were growing cold, but along came a table and sat down in the road. 

A topla rakija to drink then off we go, we follow the locals to where we don’t know.

The trees beckoned to us to follow them quick, we didn’t fall down despite the ground being slick. 
Rob and Morgan
The Trees had to help push a car up the road when it got stuck.

We were invited in by the local residents, we sat down and ate with our former presidents. 

We posed for a picture with a double, of our Country Director let’s hope we don’t get in trouble. 
This man shared some similarities to our Country Director here, so we had to take a picture!
After much food and drink we headed uphill, to the center we went to see the new thrill.
Not sure what these men were dressed up as, but Amy and I got a picture with them.
My new friend
The costumes were burning but the fire was low, people were focused on dancing the Oro. 
Dancing the Oro with our friends, the trees.

Team Lozovo escaped for an afternoon walk, we went up the hill to have a family talk.
Amy, Anders, Sara, Claire
We took family photos and watched children sled, we grew hungry and tired and wanted a bed. 
Claire, Sara, Andres, Amy, Anna, Shannon
As typical, we had to take a few entertaining photos too.

Who wouldn't want to go sledding when they have bright pink hair!

With our stomachs grumbling with hunger that night, we set out to find a food delight.

Everything was closed all around town, my smile quickly turned into a frown.

A nice man emerged from a slava party, he opened his shop to cook us something hearty.

Full and happy we went to the hotel to bed, with visions of Vevchani stuck in our head.

In the morning we woke to hear some news, a tale of a victim now with Vevchani blues. 

There were devils and skulls, burning caskets and trees, but one mighty man was brought to his knees. 

With one wrong step on the ice it was easy to slip, down Lync went, it was more than a rip.

A ride to Skopje, a prognosis made, to America Lync went with Boris to aid.

So ends our tale of Vevchani dear, next year we shall go back with only ice to fear.

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  1. I wish I landed on my knees. Great poem. A new Old New Year Classic.