Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peace Corps On My Mind

I find not a day goes by when Peace Corps doesn't enter my mind at least 20 times.
  • I check out PCJ daily to see what's new with other applicants and those serving. I still check up and read the blogs of those in Tonga which I started reading when that's where I thought I was going.
  • I debate daily if I am making the right choice. One day I know I am, the next day I question the decision. However, the reason I question is I am scared that something will go wrong. I know it is the right decision for me and I will have the experience of a lifetime, but right now, I am scared- which I know is normal.
  • I check up on PC Wiki to see if any new staging dates have been added and if so, check my Excel spreadsheet and see if that country listed has the right programs. (As neurotic as this sounds to anyone not considering PC service, I know I am not the only one!)
  • I question if I made the right choice in changing my earliest departure date from now to August. Maybe I gave up an amazing opportunity in Romania. I will never know and just have to trust I made the right choice.
  • I find myself checking my phone more frequently to see if I have service or if I missed a phone call from (202).
  • I go shopping and see something and think, I would consider get that if I knew where I was going to be in a few months.
  • I think about where I could be going and debate where would be my first choice, while not trying to get my hopes up. At this point, I would love SE Asia or the Pacific Islands (although I am glad I am not there right now). I can pretty much rule out Central/South America because I don't speak Spanish and parts of Africa since I don't speak French. But overall I tell myself, I know I will enjoy anywhere I am placed and I trust my Placement Officer's decision.
I know I will find out more information soon enough and I need to be patient. It would just be nice to know so I can start preparing (I am an over planner, so preparing for Peace Corps service will be no small, or quick, feat).


  1. You might have just written an "All-post" which could be copied, pasted and posted by the majority of applicants while going through 'The Great Wait.'
    Well done!
    Best wishes to you.

  2. I do most of those things're definitely not alone in thinking about Peace Corps 20 times a day (at least) or seeing something in the store and wanting to buy it!! Good luck with everything! :)