Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Places I Could Go....

I am hoping to be medically cleared within the next month. I learned last time that after I fax information in, I need to call the next day to check on my status- aka make them enter the information into their database, thus hoping giving me clearance sooner. I won't be medically cleared in time to be invited to Tonga, but here are some of the other possibilities.

According to the Peace Corps Wiki site, here are the possible places I could go (providing I leave sometime between January and March). This information is based off of the 2010 dates that countries left, because they typically leave about the same time each year.

  • Thailand- January 9
  • South Africa- January 28
  • Uganda- February 8
  • Eastern Caribbean- February 15
  • Namibia- February 16
  • Zambia- February 17
  • Malawi- February 24
  • Dominican Republic- March 2
  • Indonesia- March 15
  • Albania- March 17
  • Turkmenistan- March 23
  • Kyrgyz Republic- March 26
  • Ukraine- March 29
Right now, my preference (not that I get to choose) would be Thailand, Uganda, Zambia, or Malawi as they all specify having primary education which would be my first choice "job". Indonesia would also be a really unique experience. Any country would be I'm sure. I have decided that I don't really want a say because I trust them to find the right place for me. I am pretty open at this point.

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